I don’t know if I’ll have any chance left with him again because I do still love him very much

I don’t know if I’ll have any chance left with him again because I do still love him very much

I then told her I was sorry for being such a whiny man and I was sorry for a lot in our relationship

I really messed up the first couple of weeks, trying to get her back . I begged and pleaded with her to come back home .. she is still very cold and distant and she’s told me our relationship wasn’t healthy . I just hope I didn’t wait to long to start the no contact rule ..

I felt like I was taken for granted and went on a dating app as I had no idea when we would see each other again

Hello! My ex broke up with me by text one day when I was at work. I didn’t have any suspicions about the break up… and then BAMMM! My whole world just fell apart. I got the whole Shabam about we want different things to how I’m too needy and shit and that apparently he wanted to break up for a little while. I’ve been reading a whole lot of these articles about if there’s any chance in hell he’d realize the mistake he caused and come back. I started out not even doing the no contact thing. I maybe would make it 2, not even 3 days before I’d break and beg again and again (Calling/DMing/texting…) I’m am now blocked on everything except for text from as far as I can tell. Recently I found out through my Ex’s stepdad who I have kept in contact with, told me that my ex has been cheating on me behind my back. Since then, I finally sent my last text and have gone into my 5th day of no contact. Mind you he stopped texting me like 2 days after we broke up almost a month ago. But no contact has definitely been helping me to heal even if I hate admitting it.

Last year we dated for around 7 months, then lockdown stopped us from seeing each other. She found out and immediately blocked me. I did not reach out as I was over it.

However, I was contacted 7 months later by her and she proposed we be friends etc… and then suggested to go out for a drink. She made the first moves on the date and it was like we’d never split up and we both spoke about doing lots of things together.

However, she wanted to see other people, I was fine with that at first. However after a few dates I realised that I didn’t want that and just wanted to be with her. I became very jealous and one evening forwarded her a text of a girl who was asking if I was doing anything that night. I wanted to prove to my ex that I had options but chose not to see anyone else. I also tried to call her and message her many times that same night.

We remained in contact for a few weeks after this, however we didn’t see each other again and she was distant with me. I found it so hard to deal with and sent her a letter saying how much she meant to me etc… I soon ended up by getting blocked after drunkenly trying to call and msg her several times after a night out. Next day I sent her a brief letter apologising for my behaviour and that I wouldn’t contact her again.

It really hurt me but I was glad she blocked me in all honesty as I needed to sort myself out. My behaviour https://kissbrides.com/es/mujeres-australianas/ was pitiful and I’m ashamed of this. I came on far too strong and have since taken time to look at myself and am working on improving who I am.